Barrymore ELC - Greenvale

Barrymore ELC - Greenvale

The Barrymore Early Learning Centre is a purpose-built facility designed to evoke positivity and encourage growth and security among pre-school aged children. The design objective was to use natural materials and finishes within the internal environment to complement the naturally well-lit spaces. This design approach creates a harmonious and calming environment, which supports learning and development.

Located in a residential zone, the centre is designed to model a homely and welcoming aesthetic. The main ‘multi-purpose’ room is the centrepiece of the design, with a strong correlation between indoor and outdoor space, providing good connectivity to the exterior play space while ensuring student safety. The outdoor playground area has multi-sensory play equipment placed on synthetic turf, creating a safe and enjoyable play area for the children.

In continuity with good design principles and aesthetics, the uses of natural materials and finishes in the internal environment are also central to the design. This approach evokes positive stimulation on the mind, body and the environment, further supporting growth and security among the ‘junior clientele’.

Additional design features of the facility include a striking steep pitched apex roof that celebrates arrival and creates a sense of excitement and adventure. The low voltage LED lighting, seamless flow between spaces, and openable skylights create an ambience to fuel growth and promote learning.

The Barrymore Early Learning Centre is a fitting facility for children to play, learn and grow in a safe, stimulating and positive environment