Holmesglen Institute – Student Hub and Learning Commons – Moorabbin

Holmesglen Institute – Student Hub and Learning Commons – Moorabbin

The Learning Commons and Student Hub at Holmesglen was conceived as a centrepiece to the campus.

The project involved the adaptive re-use of an existing 1970’s building and construction of a new wing to provide an innovative new Learning Commons, formal and informal meeting spaces, and Student Hub/Information Office facility. The formal and informal learning spaces were conceived to offer a diverse range of study and social environments and designed to encourage active engagement in learning as well as a welcoming location to exchange ideas.

The new building acts as a billboard for Holmesglen, providing clarity of wayfinding and promoting activity to the heart of the campus.

The important experience of arriving at the facility has been re-described to provide a vibrant destination and central hub with the inclusion of an active ‘urban square’ and a distinctive landmark building. We have crafted an environment that encourages students to stay, not just for formal classes, but also as a place where they can study in private or in groups, relax, meet their friends, or grab a coffee. We recognise that providing collaborative and active learning environments is key to forming learning communities and social participation. Students who have a strong sense of belonging and feel part of the learning community are more likely to complete their studies.

The strategies of promoting the ‘sticky campus’, as well as clearly articulating function and connectivity has allowed us to design a transformative building which has reinvigorated the Holmesglen campus.

Photography: Jack Lovel

Builder: Raysett Constructions

Client:  Holmesglen Institute

Awards: NABD – 2019 Best public building design, Design Matters – 2019 Non-residential new project.