Kilbreda College – Mentone

Kilbreda College – Mentone

Dedicated to educating more than 1,300 students. Kilbreda college recognised that their existing buildings, built in the 1970s and ‘80s were no longer fit-for-purpose.

An inspiring learning environment utilising the limited area available could only be achieved using a radical approach. To satisfy the requirements of the school, we reclaimed the air-rights above the parking lot, to provide a contemporary facility within the existing grounds. The new facility improves circulation throughout the campus, and provides specialised settings for the year 9 and 10 cohorts. Elevated on red-pillared columns, this new wing sits lightly above the site, integrating a new link-bridge to the existing library, and strengthening campus connections.

An animated space and flexible learning environment that adapts to student needs

Following the shape of the site, internal spaces are loosely delineated around the perimeter of the building. Learning areas are flexible,with retractable walls that allow the size and use of space to be adaptable, morphing to accommodate daily use as well as parent evenings, class functions or exams.  

Pivotal to the design is the central core. Bold interior choices animate the space and improve the acoustics while walls double as pin-boards to display work. Fluorescent lights zigzag across the ceiling illuminating the space, and louvred windows purge hot air while providing abundant natural light.