Lilydale Heights College

Lilydale Heights College

The condition of the existing 1970’s school building necessitated significant works to improve the amenity of the learning environments as well as student and teacher wellbeing. The existing school suffered from closed cellular planning, roof leaks, asbestos contamination, poor thermal insulation, dated building form and poor condition of the building fabric.

The school had recognised that current pedagogical principals had moved significantly forward and any modernisation should seek to celebrate the school’s role as a contemporary learning hub to the region. A total refurbishment of the existing humanities wing, included 8 flexible learning areas, collaborative and group learning areas, wellbeing centre, career’s counsellor, student welfare office and mental health office. A new raised roof to the central corridor eliminates issues with the existing box gutters and allows natural light to areas deep within the building envelope. Areas are designed to be opened up for larger group gatherings and collaborative learning, extending to an outdoor learning area.

The completed project has created a senior learning centre that has rejuvenated the campus, with a building that provides a variety of settings which create exciting learning environments that support collaborative learning and occupant wellbeing. The new learning centre offers a warm and inviting environment which stimulates creativity, inquisitiveness and social wellbeing.

Completed: July 2022

Photographer: Rhiannon Slatter

Builder: Aspyer Group