St Peter Chanel Primary School – Deer Park

St Peter Chanel Primary School – Deer Park

The design approach to St Peter Chanel was tailored to create learning environments that support engagement with the parish, students, parents, teachers and community, balancing new built additions, adaptive reuse and effective utilisation of existing facilities.

A striking new front entry re-engages with the street, celebrating arrival and projecting a distinct visual identity, while the generous and colourful reception area provides a welcoming physical presence and first impression.

Designated spaces for play-based learning are flexible and responsive. This spatial adaptability allows classes to accommodate varied group sizes and activities.

An evolving school evolution supported by its new built environment

Settings are arranged by operable walls, sliding doors, innovative furniture and screens, with the addition of smart acoustic materials to shield and control noise and create optimal educational settings with minimal disruptive background noise.

Visually, the design takes its cues from the school’s motto of‘Love One Another’, its emblem depicting the sun’s rays, and the playfulness of children playing. The angular design is softened the arched canopy to the administrative building that reaches out to embrace visitors on approach.

This project is an important step in the school’s impetus for curriculum change, allowing opportunities to teach in new ways and establish highly functional spaces. With a shared learning community mind-set that offers an exciting stimulus for professional learning and growth.


Learning Environments Australasia (LEA) – 2020 Refurbishment of Learning and Administration Buildings <$2m.