Mary Mackillop Senior Hub

National Design Awards Winner Public Buildings / Structures


Following the campus masterplan developed by Crosier Scott Architects, the educational emphasis ‘development of the whole person’, was embedded within the design of their new Senior Hub building.

A new contemporary, flexible senior learning hub for Years 11 and 12 was designed, along with a series of landscaped and external built elements that enhance and support the building and tie it materially and thematically back into the wider campus.

The Year 11 and 12 Hub encourages independence and support

The building’s design is an exemplar of contemporary pedagogy for senior students made up of flexible indoor-outdoor learning environments that allow students to be largely autonomous and encourage them to work independently as well as engage and support each other, which will help them transition well to tertiary education.

Operable walls allow classrooms to transform for exams

Special attention was given to new and emerging ways of learning and collaboration. The building supports these ideas by creating places for interaction of various scales and atmospheres, providing a range of flexible rooms and areas that can easily be rearranged and reorganised dependent on requirements.

The building houses ten new classrooms designed to open up through the use of operable walls, that can accommodate between 10 and 28 students for traditional lessons or be fully opened up to increase the number of occupants or expand for various uses such as group study, gathering or presentation areas, examination settings for Year 12 VCAL, exhibition space or performance space.

The new building helps students thrive and transition to further studies

“During Semester 2 Year 11 and 12 operate very differently to the rest of the school. The ability to house exams and end of school celebrations together in this new space provides a sense of community where students can thrive and build independence.

The building was designed to make students feel comfortable and at ease during exams. With their everyday class rooms doubling as their exam space, they walk in knowing the lighting, circulation and warmth, allowing them to settle quickly on the task.” Alan Cubbon, Director, Crosier Scott Architects

New landscaped area designed for casual gatherings

The building also offers a range of administrative spaces and amenities including a highly visible central staff office, a social common room with kitchenette, study nooks and a canteen that is accessible internally as well as opening up to the large under croft area that has been designed to encourage use of the new landscaped areas for casual gatherings and interactions.

We have been delighted with the positive feedback the Senior Hub has brought to the school and its community.

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School: Mary MacKillop Secondary College Leongatha
Architecture and Interior Design: Crosier Scott Architects
Photography: Peter Casamento


2022 BDAA National Design Awards 2022 Winner Public Buildings / Structure.
2022 National Design Matters New Commercial over $2m.
2022 BDAA Victoria Chapter Awarded Best Commercial Education Design, Best Landscape and Best overall Commercial.